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Standing the test of time

By CC Wyatt |

The constitution is strategic, at times unrevealing, but never flawless in facing tough testaments, as it, in a commanding way, protects itself. And so time and time again, the whistle blows.

Books born to stand the test of time constitution books

On Books

By CC Wyatt |
We rely on books to:

Transport us to another place and meet what we could only imagine;

Draw on our emotions, spread our lips with a smile, make us laugh;

Shed a few happy tears, if not to comfort, lend a shoulder to cry on, provide moral support, guidance.

Books bring out the human side of us...

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A Dedication

By CC Wyatt |

We love quotes; we sought quotes for a spark of wisdom.

As I think about the quote I’ve chosen for the month, young readers of past, present and future come to mind: their joyous eyes opening for the first time to the magical world of storytelling, their ABCs unimaginative alive on page. Something about that is classical, as classical as storytelling itself. From the beginning of time who knew the building blocks of the alphabet would have such a magical impact. Really! And just think! Who do we owe it all to?

The Ferret Books

By CC Wyatt |
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Quote: Pleasure

By CC Wyatt |

“I know pleasure, when given it clears the air.” The quote is promiscuous by nature, of which it immediately plants in the mind, "Yeah, I know exactly what the author was thinking." It would come as an afterthought to think, "Maybe the author meant something else entirely,” as it sinks in that the quote is relatable in so many ways. Because indeed its intimacy imparts a much deeper expression.


The heart of the matter is that something must happen in order to clear the air. And yet, something has. And that, my dear, is spring...