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Suspenseful, Whimsically Compelling!
The two-book series has a palette to savor the likings of both young and adult readers.
Steeped in a vibrant, living setting so familiar yet wholly fanciful.
The constant verge of desperation is the ticking time bomb.

The Ferret Books


What happened the night Pia Wade went missing is a total mystery. Only when she returns to the scene where it happened, four years later, does she begin the coarse of understanding the what, when and how. And the who.

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Pia's earth-shattering breakthrough doesn't bring about the kind of normalcy she once had been used to. For Pia, it's this thing called "Burden". The burden of not knowing--everything! Why this! Why that! Why did this happen to her! Remarkably, this not knowing will set in motion a dimensional shift in her future.

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"...A cleverly done and easy to read story. Readers of all ages will love this well-flowing, heartwarming book. C.C. Wyatt has created a world of vivid scenery and believable characters that jump off the pages....Through a clever and unpredictable plot, C.C...transforms a magical world into believable, everyday life.
Ica Iova (author)
A complex and nicely evolving blend of fantasy, mystery, and romance for young readers...but which also will reach adult audiences with its strong characters, overlying puzzle, and riveting twists and turns of plot.
Diane Donovan (Senior Reviewer @Midwest Book)
An engaging and dramatic sequel that follows Pia as she discovers the meaning of her life and her past. Her journey is a true coming-of-age story that...draws compassion from your heart.
Diane Donovan (Senior Reviewer @Midwest Book)
With awesome characters, great writing, suspenseful mystery and delicate romance, Ferret is entertaining and has something that will appeal to all readers. I started reading this book expecting to like it. The cover, eye-catching, and the beginning pages, intellectually alluring, and it didn’t disappoint; it was an absolute page-turner.
Melissa Carson (A fan)
Unpredictable plot! Ferret is a beautiful story about young Pia Wade and her determination to prove that she is anything but insane. Loved It!
Amazon Reviewer (Awesome Fan)

Now About Me

myimage ...The author who jumped into the young adult arena with The Ferret Books series for a number of reason. But what trumps them all is my penchants for creativity, experimentation. It's all about my love for art: from a child's doodling to paintings on the walls, from the soul of music to the soul of motion pictures...the sharing of it all. Creativity is everything and everything is creativity.

I've been asked how the idea for The Ferret Books came about. And I must give "kudos" to creativity, to my desire to experiment with it. Hence, the books were meant to be in the spectrum of self-expression.

To learn more about me click here.

“Passion comes from within, but you can find it anywhere.”

From The Blog

Faith and Magic

By CC Wyatt |
“Faith is a magic moment you arrive at from far, far away.”

The expression came to me while gazing at an image. You know how you sometimes look at an image, exercise your mind in telling a story about it in one or two sentences. And if you gazed at it long enough, come to realize how receptive the image is drawing on personal experience the short story you tell is likely your own, the eye of the beholder. That you might wonder is it you connecting to the image ...

On Books

By CC Wyatt |
We rely on books to: Transport us to another place and meet what we could only imagine; Draw on our emotions, spread our lips with a smile, make us laugh; Shed a few happy tears, if not to comfort, lend a shoulder to cry on, provide moral support, guidance.

Books bring out the human side of us. Books are the fabric of our being.

"Books Are Like a Spotlight Taking Center Stage in This Grand Place Called Life."

A Dedication

By CC Wyatt |
We love quotes; we sought quotes for a spark of wisdom.

As I think about the quote I’ve chosen for the month, young readers of past, present and future come to mind: their joyous eyes opening for the first time to the magical world of storytelling, their ABCs unimaginative alive on page. Something about that is classical, as classical as the storytelling itself. From the beginning of time who knew the building blocks of ...

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