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I am who I am, and that's CC Wyatt, the novelist who jumped into the young adult arena with The Ferret Books series.

The two-book series has secret ingredients for young readers and adults alike to devour and feel satisfied when finished, if not left hungry for more.

I like designing things, have a degree in business, but for the most part, I'm a self-learner.

In writing, I'm meticulous at stringing words together, specifically prescribed to entertain in a unique way. Performing magic on paper is what I call it. In which I oftentimes find a goldmine in movies, music, and of course books to help in performing such magic.

Unlike most authors, my joy of reading came later in life. When it did, it was as if I'd been put under a spell to devour books. Then I started getting in my head images. Fussy little images that wouldn't go away. Especially at night. It wasn't until they drove me stir-crazy that I finally realized my desire to read had evolved into something else.

At first, I wanted to blast the pesky images to kingdom come in order to get to sleep. I wear a pleasing smile now: Thank goodness that didn't happen! Soon I had a whim to pick up a pen.

I live in Arizona with family and friends, and with Chewy, my adorable little Yorkie-Poo.