Honing Quotes

and a Tidbit More

A Dedication

By CC Wyatt |

We love quotes; we sought quotes for a spark of wisdom.

As I think about the quote I’ve chosen for the month, young readers of past, present and future come to mind: their joyous eyes opening for the first time to the magical world of storytelling, their ABCs unimaginatively alive on page. Something about that is classical, as classical as storytelling itself. From the beginning of time who knew the building blocks of the alphabet would have such a magical impact. Really! And just think! Who do we owe it all to?

Tracing back you may give tribute to the school teachers of Paris 1888 or give tribute to the Egyptians of 15th century BC. If you dig deeper trying to fill the void of missing something, or the void of needing more, then look around, see the bright side. And know that somewhere...trying to claw its way through the monument of books, is this classic one dying to be discovered, dedicated especially to you. ​

Finding that unique read in stacks and aisles of books galore can be a bit daunting. This is when good recommendations would come in handy. But do keep in mind this one thing while in search of that special book:

"First came birds, flowers and trees
You know the drill
Now I dedicate this to you, my dear.

. It’s a quote of belief and spiritually.
. It’s a quote to cherish and embrace.
. It’s a quote from the most classic mind of all times, the Almighty.
. It is, my dearests, the quote of the month.

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