Honing Quotes

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Quote for Christmas

By CC Wyatt |

No matter how fast, slow or offbeat
The heartbeat of Christmas
May it never die

The heartbeat of life... The heatbeat of love... The hearbeat of Christmas... May it never ever die


Quote: On Stupidity

By CC Wyatt |
"Stupidity that's stubborn to the core deserves a toddler-size scolding at best. Wising it up has to start somewhere."


Faith and Magic

By CC Wyatt |
“Faith is a magic moment you arrive at from far, far away.”

The expression came to me while gazing at an image. You know how you sometimes look at an image, exercise your mind in telling a story about it in one or two sentences. And if you gazed at it long enough, come to realize how receptive the image is drawing on personal experience that the short story you tell is likely your own, the eye of the beholder. That you might wonder is it you connecting to the image...

Quote: On Love for Christmas

By CC Wyatt |

It's the jingle in the bells, the carols in the air, the nipping spirits counting down the days. Mostly it's the far away star warming hearts, zipping through time the art of anticipation.

No wonder Christmas comes around in a wink..